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Who we are

Abcmedicine was founded in 2011 by motivated final year medical students attending London’s famous university, King’s college London. The site aims to medical students in their preclinical years with their end-of-year written exams as this service appears to be deeply lacking. After receiving increasing popularity following its launch, abcmedicine aims to also address the important OSCEs. 

What we offer

As displayed on our homepage, we provide.

  • The QUESTION BANK: our questions are carefully written by experienced members and are based on common preclinical areas that a student would be expected to know. We have set the questions into main categories as well as set up timed problems mimicking (but not plagiarizing!) the real exams. The questions are in the common forms of multiple choice questions (MCQ), Single based Answers (SBAs) and Extended-matching (EMQ).
  • EXTRA: This section is regularly updated with tips and advice addressing common issues that students may face: BSc decision, elective preparations, what to expect when starting clinics, how to prepare a Grand Round (mainly for clinical students)...etc.

At abcmedicine our aim is clear and simple: helping others. By using the 'see one, do one, teach one' approach we hope to support students with their studies and boost their confidence. We do not, however, intend to replace medical school efforts, interfere with organised teaching or advertise 'guaranteed success or money back' promises. We believe that success comes from personal effort, inspiration and passion - we just want to help!